Insurance Directory of Asia 2023

The IDA 2023 is the one and only regional insurance directory in Asia covering 27 countries

It compiles the full list of your competitors in each market in Asia in one reference book, comprising contact information and details of 1,416 insurers and 174 reinsurers operating in major markets like Japan and China and in upcoming ones such as Mongolia and Myanmar.

Insurance Directory of Asia 2023

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EFU General Insurance Limited
(Formerly Eastern Federal Union Insurance Company Limited)
General Insurer 

EFU House, MA Jinnah Road, PO Box No 5005, Karachi 74000, Pakistan
92-21-3231 3471 - 90
92-21-3231 0450

Incorporated :1932 / Pakistan

Rating : AA+/AA+/B+
as at 2020-2021


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